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Our Worship Experience


A lot of people have worries and fears about coming to church. We want to do everything we can to ease your mind and to make you comfortable when you visit our church. Think you don’t belong in church? You’re wrong! We’d love to meet and show love to you and your family, no matter who you are.


What Time Are Services?


9:15 a.m. Sunday School (Classrooms)

11:00 a.m. Worship Service (Sanctuary)


7:00 p.m. Bible Study Night (Sanctuary)


What Do I Wear To Worship?

At Greater New Macedonia, we have a “Come As You Are” policy as long as it is respectful. There are many people who like to dress up and there are many who like to be more casual in their dress. You will see nice suits all the way to jeans. We’re more concerned about serving and connecting people to Jesus Christ than what you wear.


What Are Your Services Like?

Walking towards the doors of Greater New Macedonia, you will be warmly welcomed and assisted by our greeters and ushers. As you find a seat you’re comfortable with, you’ll find a Christ-centered and loving atmosphere in the sanctuary. If you love gospel music, old school and new school, our choirs and musicians encourage you to join in full participation through singing, clapping, and lifting your hands. We also have a strong message (or sermon) each week that is straight from the Bible, easy to understand, and applicable to our everyday lives. We try our best to do what we think blesses God and brings people closer to Jesus Christ.


Is There Anything For My Kids On Sunday?

At Greater New Macedonia, we have a developing children's ministry. On the first Sunday of every month, we have a safe and fun environment just for them! Parents check their kids with our staff and then take them to have a blast with them during their own service. 


What About Communion & Offering?

We have a time of communion every First Sunday where we pause to remember the sacrifice Jesus Christ made for us all. In our service, we also worship through giving tithes and offerings. This is a time when we honor God by giving back a portion of what He has blessed us with.


How Do I Join Greater New Macedonia?

At the conclusion of each worship service, we offer opportunity to unite with our congregation through:

  • Profession of Faith – If you are not yet a Christian but would like to be, or if you are a Christian but have never been baptized by immersion as a believer, which the Word of God commands, someone will pray with you and guide you in your decision.

  • Christian Experience – If you are a Christian and have been baptized as a believer according to the scriptures, and do not either have current membership in a church or are currently a member of a church that does not grant letters of transfer, you can receive membership by your affirmation of the above.

  • Letter of Transfer – If you are a Christian and a member of a church of like faith and order, we will write to the church where you are a member and request that a letter of transfer be sent.

We will be delighted to help you through all of this- we simply encourage you to take that step and indicate your desire to join with us. Regardless of how you come to us, welcome to our fellowship of believers!


We’re Here to Help

At the end of every service, we give you the opportunity to respond to what you’ve heard if you choose to do so. If you’d like anyone to pray with you or just talk with you, we’re here to help and serve you. Our worship services are over no later than noon. Afterward, you can head straight home or you can hang around and visit, which many people choose to do. It’s your choice.


Most of all, at Greater New Macedonia, you can expect to experience God in a powerful and meaningful way! We hope to see you soon!

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